Career Theory Paper - Describing your personal career theory

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Career Theory Paper rubric


You will write a 2-3 page paper - not including title page and references - describing your personal career theory. This paper should include:

1. Introduction and Summary of the theory or theories you believe will be most appropriate for your use in your counseling practice (1/2 page-1 page)

2. Discussion on the strengths and limitations of the theory/theories (1/2 page-1 page)

3. Reflection on how you plan to integrate career counseling into your mental health counseling practice (1/2 page-1 page) (use the textbook as a resource)

You will need a minimum of 3 references - one of those can be the textbook and one should be a peer-reviewed journal article - the third is up to you. You'll need to use APA style formatting for the paper, citations, and references. You can refer to yourself in the first person in this paper. 

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