Diversity Activity - Define diversity, As an international student what does

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Diversity Activity:

For this activity, you will consider your knowledge and experiences on diversity, equity and inclusion. This will be a way for you to understand where you are -- right now. Once you have defined this and considered what you know, time will be spent considering other perspectives through a video and personal conversation. This activity is intended to broaden your perspective of diversity, equity and inclusion and underscore the importance of it at the individual level as well as the organizational level. Follow the steps of this assignment in the order they are presented to you. Be intentional in your efforts as a way to not only be successful on this assignment but also as a person of society.


1.  Define diversity – As an international student what does it mean to you and where do you fall on being aware of diversity and engaging an inclusive network? (Be HONEST with yourself about this....) 

· Draft your definition in a Word document and save it -- you will continue adding to this document and you will submit it at the end.

2.  Watch this short video (Ted Talk)

· Take notes on this video -- what is she presenting that is new to you or maybe emphasizes a thought or experience you have already had at this point? You should have notes from this video.




3. What did you learn about diversity and inclusion --- how does this impact leadership?

· Look at your definition and personal experiences. Think about what you read in the textbook and what you have learned from this video.

4. Talk to someone about diversity, equity and inclusion.

· Meet with someone in a class or at work. This could also be someone on a team or in a student organization that you don't know very well. Have a conversation with them and learn more about their experiences, background, interests and thoughts on diversity. This will help you build a stronger understanding for the importance of respecting and appreciating different perspectives. Write down your thoughts on this conversation and what you talked about.


5.  Reflect on your initial definition, the video, your conversation from step 4, and what you read in the textbook and rewrite your definition of diversity. What does it mean to be inclusive? How much has your perspective changed or developed from this activity and the discovery of knowledge from the module?

· You should have the ability to extend your original definition and think about how you view diversity, equity, and inclusion differently. What can you do to have an impact on society or the organization you will work in someday soon?

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