Business Case - Airport Data Center

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BUSINESS CASE:  Airport Data Center

Airport's currently capacity is 15 000 Passengers a day. There are 150 full time employees along with 128 part time employees.

IT system components of Airport Datacenter

- Database for Passengers

- Database for airlines / flights

- Database for Employees

- Processing / Computing: Preparing Passengers invoices, boarding passes  

Long term data storage to fulfill the regulations the airport must maintain (keep) the passenger and flight data for five years.


QUESTION 1. There is an increased risk of accident where a huge cargo Aircraft might go out of control and damage Airport’s Datacenter. What can you do to reduce impact of this threat so Airport continues to operate?

QUESTION 2 There is an increased risk of power blackouts at the Airport's Datacenter due to heavy storm in the region. What can you do to reduce impact of this threat so Airport continues to operate?

Consider this new case while answering the question 3,4,5 and 6.

Airport is growing fast and it is going to reach 30 000 Passengers a day. It looks like current data center would not be able to handle the influx of new passengers and new airlines. And, this is happing fast, there is no time to physically expand the Airport Datacenter.

QUESTION 3: Which components of the Airport's Datacenter you would move the cloud to meet the demand? And which components of the Airport's Datacenter you would keep in the datacenter of the airport. Explain your rationale (give the justification for the choice you make)

QUESTION 4:  Before moving the IT components to cloud that you have mentioned in question 3; What would be System Requirements that you look for the cloud service provider?

QUESTION 5: Assuming that; you decided to shift a great deal of day-to-day management the cloud-solution provider (agreement with the cloud service provider company). As an IT manager what you would do to monitor system performance for the Airport's Datacenter?

QUESTION 6: How you would address following three Security issues related to long term operation of Airport's Datacenter in partnership with the cloud service provider?

  1. Unauthorized disclosure of passengers’ data
  2. Unauthorized alternation and modification of airlines’ flight data
  3. Destruction of stored/ archived passengers’ data
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