A major beverage producer is considering launching a cinnamon

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  • A major beverage producer is considering launching a cinnamon flavored, sparkling beverage.
  • Before they launch the product the marketing team for Rocket Fizz (proposed name) has a few issues they would like you to address with a survey of soda drinkers, including:
    • How do consumers feel about the name Rocket Fizz?
    • Which consumers are most attracted to this product (e.g, demographics, psychographics)?
    • What factors are most important when selecting a soda or sparkling beverage?
    • How do consumers feel about cinnamon flavored products?
    • How would consumers rate the sodas and sparkling beverages they currently consume?
    • Are consumers interested in this product as a stand-alone beverage, or as a mixer with alcohol?  Why and how?
    • What foods would go well with a cinnamon soda?
    • Would consumers be more interested in this product if it were caffeinated, e.g., an energy drink?
    • How likely are consumers to try this product if it were recommended by a server in a restaurant?
    • What price is considered fair for this new product?
  • Program a 20-25 question questionnaire in Qualtrics (or Survey Monkey if you have experience with that platform) that gets at all these topics (above), produce a working dynamic link, and submit to URL via this assignment.
  • You must use at least 3 different question types, including closed-ended multiple response, open-ended, and scale questions
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