Week 3 Innovation Review, Potential outcomes, both positive

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Week 3 Innovation Review

This week, you will begin to consider some of the key factors of developing your innovation. You will use the information from this review to complete the Wk 4 Summative Assessment: Innovation Evaluation Report.

Assignment Deliverable

Write a 350- to 700-word review of the development of the innovation product or process you selected. Consider the following in your review:

  • Potential outcomes, both positive and negative, in attempting to adopt an innovative product or process.
  • The use of project champions, including how project champions help ensure that you’ll achieve the benefits of championing and minimize the risks.
  • The use of sequential or parallel processes. What are the pros and cons of each?
  • The use of stage-gate processes. What are the pros and cons of its impact on development cycle time and development costs?
  • The benefits and costs of involving customers and suppliers in the development process.
  • The need to test viability of your product or process with your customers and suppliers in your analysis. How will you do this?
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