BUSI653 Discussion 5 - Retake Your Pen

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Discussion 5 (450 Words)

BUSI 653


Discussion Thread: Retake Your Pen


This is a graded discussion: 70 points possible

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After completing this week’s readings and watching  Crucial Conversations: Tom's Story, answer the following questions.

1. Describe the “Retake Your Pen” concept. Analyze how this concept is used in the video.  What were the outcomes?  What is your honest and immediate reaction when you receive feedback?

2. Emotions are part of negotiations. How can you use the “Retake Your Pen” concept to help match frames and open communication in a negotiation? 

3. The assigned scripture readings relate to how we should receive feedback. Specifically, how can each verse be applied to negotiation?  

Mandatory Video “Tom’ Story”


Mandatory Textbook Readings

Read: Grenny, Patterson, McMillan, Switzler, & Gregory: Chapters 9 – 10

Read: Lewicki, Saunders, & Barry: Chapter 6

Mandatory Bible Readings

Ephesians 4:29

Proverbs 12:15

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