As a business analyst, you have seen how data

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10-1 Video Check-In


In this module, you will use the learner-faculty connect video assignment for reflection. This private conversation is between you and your instructor. You are encouraged to deeply explore the concepts presented.


As a business analyst, you have seen how data and analytics play a vital role in decision making in a business scenario. Throughout this course, you have read about the use of predictive analytics and applied various predictive models to analyze data and make recommendations. In this instructor-focused video check-in, you will share your reflections on the potential impact of data and analytics on a business.

In your reflection, discuss how predictive analytics can help a business be successful. Consider the following points:

  • Impact of Predictive Analytics: Choose an industry or business area that interests you, such as education, healthcare, banking, and so on. Discuss the impact of predictive analytics in providing better business value and competitive advantage for your chosen area.
    • How can the use of predictive analytics provide value to an organization in your chosen industry?
    • How will you use predictive analytics to give the organization a competitive advantage?
  • Predictive Analytics Models and Tools: Reflect on the several predictive analytics models and tools you have learned about in this course.
    • Which ones did you find most interesting and want to learn more about? Explain.
    • Which predictive analytics models do you think will be most useful to plan and execute business strategies? Why?
    • Which of the upcoming advanced machine-learning algorithms you read about in this module do you think might be useful for building the predictive model for your course project? Why?
  • Reflection: Reflect on the data analytics skills, including predictive analysis, you have learned in this course and the other courses in the program.
    • What did you enjoy learning about the most?
    • How do you think the skills from these courses will help you in your current or future career?

What to Submit

Using Bongo, record a video that is 3 to 5 minutes long. If you are not able to record a video, you should reach out to your instructor and discuss submitting the assignment in an alternate format.

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