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  1. Define the following terms:
    1. Cellular respiration (aerobic respiration) (2 points)
    2. Fermentation (anaerobic respiration) (2 points)
  2. Summarize what occurs during the three steps of cellular respiration and indicate where each process takes place in the cell. (6 points)
    1. Glycolysis
    2. Krebs cycle
    3. Oxidative phosphorylation
  3. What is the primary energy molecule in cells? (5 points)
  4. List the equation in word and chemical form for each of the following processes: (6 points)
    1. Cellular respiration
    2. Alcoholic fermentation
    3. Lactic acid fermentation
  5. Does glycolysis require the presence of oxygen? Please explain your answer. (5 points)

Review the results from the Rate of Cellular Respiration and Exercise procedure of the lab (Part I) to answer the following questions.

  1. Why was phenol red used as an indicator of cellular respiration? (5 points)
  2. How did exercise affect the rate of cellular respiration? (Hint: Review the time it took for the solution to change with and without exercise). (5 points)

Review the results from the Cellular Respiration in Peas procedure of the lab (Part II) to answer the following questions.

  1. What is the advantage of cellular respiration? (5 points)

Review the results from the Fermentation procedure of the lab (Part III) to answer the following questions.

Based on the results, what was the best source of energy (e.g., food) for the yeast? (3 points)

Based on the results, what was the worst source of energy (e.g., food) for the yeast? (3 points)

What factors (ingredients) negatively affected the growth of yeast? (3 points)

What is the name for the type of fermentation that yeast use? (3 points)

List two commercial uses of fermentation. (2 points)



(Application) How might the information gained from this lab pertaining to cellular respiration and fermentation be useful to a student employed in a healthcare related profession? (20 points)

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