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Anatomy Due On 10/22

Your shoulder is aching, so you do a complete circumduction at the glenohumeral joint. Which specific functional branch(es) of the NERVOUS SYSTEM are responsible for the sensory ache and motor responses that stimulate this action? Explain your logic. List all of the ACTIONS involved in a complete circumduction at the glenohumeral joint. Be certain you list the action WITH the joint or bone that is moving (for example - flexion is not enough, you’ll need to say flexion of the humerus or flexion of the humerus at the shoulder joint). List and explain ALL MUSCLES (from your lab list) that would be engaged in order to do a complete circumduction at the glenohumeral joint. For each ACTION you listed above, describe: ALL of the specific muscle(s) (from your lab list) engaged for the action above. Do NOT include muscles not involved in the specific action. The specific attachments for the muscle(s) (IF you were required to learn the attachment points for that muscle). The way in which the attachments listed correspond to the action described. This simply explains or draws HOW X origin pulling Y insertion results in Z action. 

Innervation: 4 

Actions: 4 

Muscles/Attachments/Descriptions: 12

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