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Chapter 14

A large American multinational corporation wants to establish a telephone and email hotline for employees to report wrongdoing within the company. The company has offices in the European Union and wants to ensure that it avoids violations of E.U. data protection laws. What steps can the company take to increase the likelihood that its hotline reporting system remains in compliance?


Isssc452 week 4 Assignment




Using the Internet and other print material, gather data about intrusion-detection systems (IDSs). Research 3-5 different vendor systems. Compare their list of features (active IDS, passive IDS, network-based, host-based, anomaly systems, etc.). Create a table that compares the features. Based on your research, which system would you recommend and why?




Issc457 week4 assignment



Week 4 Assignment:

  • After downloading Assignment 4, open it and enter your answers directly in the document
  • Assignments are due by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday
  • See the Evaluation Procedures section for additional information on assignments
  • Fill in your name in the attached document, put your full response below each question, save the file using file naming following file naming convention"ISSC457_Week4_Assignment_LastName_FirstName.doc" where LastName is your last name and FirstName is your first name, then return this document for grading.

Week 4 Assignment Details:

Upon completing week 4 reading, you should be able to provide information regarding the below questions.

1. What is spam?

2. What is phishing?

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