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W4: Patents and Trade Secrets

Read the case study on pp. 198-199 of the textbook and answer the following questions:

  1. If you are reading a web page about a particular topic and see related advertisements appear along the side of the page, do you feel the advertising constitutes an invasion of your privacy? What if the advertisements were generated not only on the basis of content on the page you are currently viewing, but on the basis of the most recent 5 or 10 web pages that you viewed?

Read the case study on pp. 221-222 of the textbook and answer the following questions:

  1. According to the court, did Byce acquire the source code through improper means? Why or why not?
  2. What do you think of Byce's negotiation tactics? If you were in Byce's position, what other options might you have considered?



ISSC351 Week08 Assignment


Topic: System Forensics Resources


  1. Computer Forensics is a fast growing and ever changing field of study. Describe the qualities and skill-set to be looked for in an Incident Response Team. 
  2. Discuss the future trends and directions that you see computer forensics headed.
  3. Using the Online Library, find an article, case study, or publication about your favorite topic covered in this computer forensics course – then summarize the article in a paragraph and submit your summary along with a copy of the article or the link of the article to this discussion for sharing.



ISSC331 week8 Discussion


W8: Computer Forensics

Discussion Points:

By now, you should understand the steps involved in computer forensics investigation. Take an example of any company to discuss the various consequences of breach of investigation duty. Respond to an intrusion and discuss how any breach of investigation duty disrupts the normal business of a company—costly at best and totally destructive in the worst case. Summarize your thoughts in a Word document and submit it to your instructor.

Respond to at least two other students’ views to engage in a meaningful debate regarding their justification or to defend your rationale.

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