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1. Dr. Quinn is interested in who is least likely to show up for their trial; those who bond out of jail with the help of a bondsman or those placed in a court sponsored pre-trial release program. The results of the study indicate that those inmates released using a bail bondsmen had a lower failure to appear at trial rate than those using court sponsored pre-trial release. The findings of the study are used to close the expensive court run pre-trial release program. This study is an example of what type of research?

2. Which of the following cannot be studied scientifically?

3. The more a person drinks and drives the more likely they are to be pulled over for DUI. This is an example of:

4. Much of the current social science research has moved from description to:

5. The three main elements in the traditional model of science include theory, operationalization, and:

6. When the relationship between two variables is deduced from a theory, it is said to be:

7. Dr. Smith is doing an observational study in a local jail and discovers that inmates who are respectful to the correctional officers get more telephone calls than inmates who are disrespectful. What technique has been employed in the study?


8. Which of the following is most accurate?

9. The ecological approach to understanding crime suggests that human behavior is partially the result of the physical and social environment where the behavior takes place.

10. “All people are mortal, therefore Socrates is mortal" is an example of which type of logic?

11. An axiom is a type of

12. Which of the following illustrates the relationship between a theory and a paradigm?

13. In deductive reasoning, one starts from a general law and applies that law to a particular instance.

14. If grades go up as the number of study hours go up, this is called what type of relationship?

15. Townsley and associates proposed that just as disease spreads, crime spreads, they referred to this as:

16. The concept of “observation” in the language of science means

17. Defensible Space is:

18. Which of the following is an example of situational crime prevention techniques?

19. Which type of research frequently involves the inductive method?

Unit 3

1. Which of the following is generally recognized as an ethical procedure for subject/participant selection?

2. Confidentiality and anonymity mean the same thing so they can be used interchangeably


3. A local university is hosting the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) for a large group of prospective law students. Since there is such a large group taking the test, some professors of sociology from the local university decide to administer a questionnaire to the group asking their ideas on teenage sexual promiscuity. Which ethical consideration was not considered?

4. Which of the following is not considered a requirement of informed consent?

5. Which of the following may present an ethical issue where voluntary participation is concerned?

6. A researcher may face legal liability when

7. Virtually all research that uses human subjects is:

8. When a survey is confidential rather than anonymous

9. Which statement is the most accurate?

10. Social research may cause psychological harm or embarrassment in people who are asked to reveal information about themselves.

11. Sources of distinction between “right and “wrong” include:

12. Immunity as part of federal protection from legal action requires

13. Webster’s New World dictionary (4th ed.) defines ethical as “conforming to the standards of conduct of a given profession or group.

14. The Humphrey’s study involved

15. In order to protect prisoners since they are a special population, researchers should do all of the following except

16. Explicitly telling people that their participation is voluntary is


17. If a researcher uses only those subjects who volunteer for a study, then which of the following may result?

18. The value of institutional review boards includes which of the following?

19. Ethical issues surrounding the prison simulation include all of the following except


20. Which of the following is necessary in order to establish informed consent of research subjects?

21. As a principle, possible harm to subjects may be justified when the potential benefits of the study outweigh the possible harm.

22. Which of the following have the potential to present ethical dilemmas/challenges to researchers?

23. Which of the following comes closest to the purpose of an institutional review board?

24. Prisoners are considered as a special population because they are

25. It is unethical to withhold an experimental treatment from someone who is very sick.

26. Which of the following is a technique that works well when interviewing subjects about topics that may be emotionally or psychologically challenging?

27. When information is gathered by researchers and there are no identifying characteristics allowing the researchers to match up results to individual subjects, this illustrates:

28. The research goal of voluntary participation may be impossible to follow.

29. The National Crime Victimization Survey prevents researchers of the public from having information on a victim’s


30. According to federal regulations, which of the following represent special populations for purposes of criminal justice research?


31. Many police departments around the country now have the ability to produce crime maps identifying where crimes happen. Are there any problems with giving the public access to these maps?

32. Which of the following is not considered a special population that requires more careful treatment?

33. Which of the following statements is accurate?


34. You are conducting research dealing with recreational marijuana use. You plan to ask questions of subjects brought into the laboratory and in order to pay them you need their name and address. You tell the subjects that you plan not to reveal their answers to your questions. What type of technique are you using?

35. Crime surveys where respondents are asked about their experiences as victims of crime have the potential to cause

36. With regard to drug formulation research, which of the following is a consequence of not publishing unsuccessful research findings?


37. The promise of anonymity in a mailed survey would be especially important if the subject of that survey was

38. Attempts to guard against harm to the participants in the simulated prison were accomplished by all of the following except

39. Haney, Banks and Zimbardo designed a simulated prison to measure

40. A promise of anonymity is unlikely to be extended in which of the following techniques?

Unit 4

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Tutorial Preview …“All xxxxxx are xxxxxxx therefore Socrates xx mortal" is xx example xx xxxxx type xx logic? a xxxxxxxxx 11 An xxxxx is x xxxx of x Concept 12 xxxxx of the xxxxxxxxx illustrates xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx between x theory and x paradigm? a x theory xx xxxx specific xxxx a paradigm xx In deductive xxxxxxxxxx one xxxxxx xxxx a xxxxxxx law and xxxxxxx that law xx a xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx a xxxx 14 If xxxxxx go up xx the xxxxxx xx study xxxxx go up, xxxx is called xxxx type xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx a xxxxxxxx 15 Townsley xxx associates proposed xxxx just xx xxxxxxx spreads, xxxxx spreads, they xxxxxxxx to this xxx a xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx 16 xxx concept of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in the xxxxxxxx of xxxxxxx xxxxx a xxxxxxx at the xxxxx and making xxxxxxxxxxxx of xxxx xx seen xx Defensible Space xxx a an xxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxxx xxx link xxxxxxx urban design xxx crime 18 xxxxx of xxx xxxxxxxxx is xx example of xxxxxxxxxxx crime prevention xxxxxxxxxxx a xxxx xxx police xxxxxxxxxxx after you xxxxxxx that your xxx has xxxx xxxxxxxxxx 19 xxxxx type of xxxxxxxx frequently involves xxx inductive xxxxxxx x field xxxxxxxx Unit 3 x Which of xxx following xx xxxxxxxxx recognized xx an ethical xxxxxxxxx for subject/participant xxxxxxxxxx a xxxxxxxxxxxxx x Confidentiality xxx anonymity mean xxx same thing xx they xxx xx used xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a False x A local xxxxxxxxxx is xxxxxxx xxx Law xxxxxx Admissions Test xxxxxx for a xxxxx group xx xxxxxxxxxxx law xxxxxxxx Since there xx such a xxxxx group xxxxxx xxx test, xxxx professors of xxxxxxxxx from the xxxxx university xxxxxx xx administer x questionnaire to xxx group asking xxxxx ideas xx xxxxxxx sexual xxxxxxxxxxx Which ethical xxxxxxxxxxxxx was not xxxxxxxxxxx a xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx…
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Preview: the xxxxxxxx and xxxxxx environment where xxx behavior takes xxxxx True“All xxxxxx xxx mortal, xxxxxxxxx Socrates is xxxxxxx is an xxxxxxx of xxxxx xxxx of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx axiom is x type ofConceptWhich xx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxx between a xxxxxx and a xxxxxxxxxx theory xx xxxx specific xxxx a paradigmIn xxxxxxxxx reasoning, one xxxxxx from x xxxxxxx law xxx applies that xxx to a xxxxxxxxxx instance xxxxxx xxxxxx go xx as the xxxxxx of study xxxxx go xxx xxxx is xxxxxx what type xx relationship?PositiveTownsley and xxxxxxxxxx proposed xxxx xxxx as xxxxxxx spreads, crime xxxxxxxx they referred xx this xxx xxxxxx victimizationThe xxxxxxx of “observation” xx the language xx science xxxxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxx and making xxxxxxxxxxxx of what xx seenDefensible xxxxx xxx an xxxxxxx to understand xxx link between xxxxx design xxx xxxxxxxxxx of xxx following is xx example of xxxxxxxxxxx crime xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxx immediately after xxx realize that xxxx car xxx xxxx vandalizedWhich xxxx of research xxxxxxxxxx involves the xxxxxxxxx method?field xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx of xxx following is xxxxxxxxx recognized as xx ethical xxxxxxxxx xxx subject/participant xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and anonymity xxxx the same xxxxx so xxxx xxx be xxxx interchangeablyFalseA local xxxxxxxxxx is hosting xxx Law xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Test xxxxxx for a xxxxx group of xxxxxxxxxxx law xxxxxxxx xxxxx there xx such a xxxxx group taking xxx test, xxxx xxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxx from the xxxxx university decide xx administer x xxxxxxxxxxxxx to xxx group asking xxxxx ideas on xxxxxxx sexual xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx.....
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