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Devry LAS432 - Course Project

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Subject: Business / Management
Due on: 10/30/2013
Posted On: 10/27/2013 12:24 AM
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Devry LAS432 - Course Project

LAS-432 Tech, Society, and Culture - Devry LAS432 - Course Project

Course Project: Team Project">Objective |">Guidelines |">Grading Rubrics |">Best Practices


This capstone course concludes with a research Team Project that starts during the first week and continues throughout the duration of the class. It culminates with the submission of a formal team report and an oral presentation by each team during Week 7 and Peer Evaluations in Week 8.

Each team will identify and explore an emerging technology. This will be a technology that may already exist but is drawing attention because of new applications, anticipated impacts, or potential controversies. Examples could include

  • nanotechnology in manufacturing;
  • genetically modified organisms;
  • remote or robotic surgery; or
  • wireless electricity.

The team will explore the technical, social, cultural, moral, and ethical issues presented by the technology.



All teams will be assigned at the start of the first week. The first deliverable is due on the Sunday of Week 1, so students must get organized and into the project immediately. Each team will select a team leader who will be responsible for the coordination of the research and the submission of assignments. Team members will remain on the assigned team throughout the duration of the class (in the project world, project managers seldom have the opportunity to select their own team members). It is highly recommended that each team develop its own team contract to clearly define expectations, strategies, and timelines.

Emphasis is placed on both individual contributions and the team's final product. You will communicate with your team through team meetings (online) and team discussion threads. Team members who fail to participate in an assignment will not get points for that assignment.

With the parts of the Team Project where a group grade will be assigned, all team members must submit a copy of the team’s work. When an assignment is completed, the team leader will distribute the finished product to all team members, and each team member must submit this copy to the Dropbox.

The Task

The primary focus of the team is to research and assess the issues associated with a specific emerging technology. The team will produce a formal research paper in APA format, with each team member contributing 10 pages of text. The paper will provide the basis for a 20-minute Team Presentation.

The following required elements must be researched and included in the Final Project:

  • A brief description of the technology and an explanation of the associated science
  • The historical development and context of the technology
  • Political and legal influences
  • Economic questions and considerations
  • Psychological considerations and sociological effects
  • The technology in its cultural context, media influence
  • Implications for the environment
  • Moral and ethical implications

To properly analyze the various elements of the project, research will cut across disciplines and include academic, scientific, and industry sources. Complete project guidelines and suggestions can be found in Doc Sharing.


All students submit the project individually, not just the Team Leader. With respect to graded group work, the Team Leader must distribute the finished project to the team, so that each member may submit it individually to the Dropbox. With respect to individually graded segments of the project, each team member is responsible for compiling his or her own assignment and submitting it to the Dropbox.

Week 1

  • Research topic and outline (possible 50 points, group grade). Guidelines for this assignment can be found in Doc Sharing.
  • Each team will select a topic for research and a team leader. Using the list of required elements for the project, each member of the team will take responsibility for researching specific aspects of the technology. The team will then produce a detailed outline for the project, noting each team member’s research sections. Please note, the list of required elements is just that—a list—and does not constitute an outline.
  • Although this assignment will result in a group grade, each person is required to submit a copy to the Dropbox by the due date. The team leader will distribute the finished product to each team member, whereupon each team member will submit the same assignment to the Dropbox.

Week 2

  • Resource review (90 possible points, individual grade). Guidelines for this assignment can be found in Doc Sharing.
  • Each member of the team will assemble at least five scholarly academic references that will be used to write the paper (refer to Week 1’s tutorial on Scholarly References). Each student will list his or her references using APA format, and provide a brief explanation of each resource indicating how that resource will be used. The focus should be upon the student’s specific research assignment. An approximate length of this bibliography is between two to three pages.
  • Each student will submit his or her assignment to the Dropbox by the due date and provide a copy to the team leader.

Week 6

  • Submit rough draft to TurnItIn (no points, but required).
  • Each team leader will submit a single Team Paper to TurnItIn this week, leaving enough time for instructor review and team corrections. This is mandatory, and no papers will be accepted without having been submitted to TurnItIn. After the instructor reviews the paper through TurnItIn, general comments and suggestions for the paper will be directed back to the team.

Week 7

  • Final draft of the paper (200 possible points, individual grade). Guidelines for this assignment can be found in Doc Sharing.
  • All written sections will be compiled into one cohesive Team Paper. All students should review the paper to ensure that the transitions are smooth, that the sections fit together, and that the bibliographies are compiled correctly.
  • The table of contents should clearly indicate each student’s assigned sections. An introduction should clearly state the paper’s thesis, outline the scope of the investigation, and comment on any challenges the team faced with respect to research sources. Report sections should be clearly identified using level-1 and level-2 headings. The paper should conclude with recommendations for further research or possible solutions that could be evaluated. A complete list of references, in APA format, should follow along with any appendices.
  • Although this assignment will result in one cohesive Team Paper, each person is required to submit a copy to the Dropbox by the due date. The team leader will distribute the finished product to each team member, whereupon each team member will submit the same assignment to the Dropbox.

Week 8

Team oral presentations (150 possible points, group grade). Guidelines for this assignment can be found in Doc Sharing. Each team will conduct a live Team Presentation with all classmates present.

Important note about attendance: If you fail to attend, you will not receive credit for the presentation. Exceptions to this policy will be made only for the following unique emergency situations:

  • In the event that the area in which a student resides experiences an extended power outage due to a natural disaster (hurricane, flood, storm, etc.)
  • A student is on active military duty and cannot complete coursework
  • A student has a verifiable (documented) medical or other personal emergency

One hour before the presentation, the team will post their PowerPoint slides and test their microphones. Every member of the team is expected to participate and will be individually graded by the instructor. The Team Presentation is expected to be professional, with each team member expected to speak as if he or she was a speaker at a DeVry graduation; informal and slang language is not acceptable. Each team should rehearse its presentation so that the transition between each speaker is smooth and to ensure that the use of the PowerPoint slides is appropriate.

Online students: You will be using a Web conferencing tool. In order to give your presentation, you will need a computer microphone. Please plan ahead and be ready for this.

Each presentation should begin with an introduction of the team members, and then move to a discussion of each of the elements of the team assignment using PowerPoint slides. After the slides are presented and the sections have been discussed, the team members are to ask the class two to three questions about their technology that will promote discussion among the other class members. The presentation should end with recommendations for further research or assessments pertaining to the technology.

Peer Evaluation (30 possible points, individual grade). Guidelines for this assignment can be found in Doc Sharing.

  • Students will find a Peer Evaluation form in Doc Sharing. Each student is required to fully complete the evaluation of one other team’s presentation. The team to be evaluated should be clearly identified, and all questions should be answered using full sentences with correct spelling and grammar. Each student will submit this assignment to the week 8 Dropbox by the assigned due date.

Grading Rubrics

Rubrics for this assignment can be found in Doc Sharing.

Best Practices

The following are best practices in preparing this paper:

  • If possible, assign teams before the start of Week 1. Use this as a way to introduce students to each other. Assign five to six students per team. Teams can be assigned by time zone, alphabetically, or by interest.
  • Watch the scope of some of these projects because some are too large (nanotechnology) and some are too focused. Get students to consider the scope of their topic while writing their thesis statement for the Week 1 outline.
  • Emphasize from Week 1 the importance of the weekly readings and the requirement to tie the concepts from these readings into their Final Projects.
  • Encourage students to draw up team contracts outlining expectations, strategies, responsibilities, and timelines. Suggest a Gantt chart.
  • Find ways to get the teams to use the team meeting tools as soon as possible, perhaps to work out their team contracts. Routinely check in on the team Threaded Discussions to see who is participating.
  • Clarify that the required elements list is just that; it is notthe outline. Provide suggestions for different ways of organizing the paper and the research.
  • Be clear that while students are researching the history of their technologies, they have to compile more than just a timeline. A timeline is a good start, but they must also assess the cultural context and the various social factors that drove the development of the technology.
  • Team projects are often a source of discontent with students. Try to head off potential disasters by checking in with the groups each week. Ask a lot of questions about their research and the status of the projects.
  • If it can go wrong, it will. Because time is tight with the Final Presentations, make sure that students practice with the Web conferencing tools. Demonstrate by using the tools during your own office hours.
  • You may wish to assign groups for the Peer Evaluation (e.g., Team A reviews Team B, Team B reviews Team C, etc.). Students should make notes during the presentations so that they are prepared to complete the evaluation form. Encourage students to submit these evaluations before Week 8, if possible, so that the grades can be up earlier.
  • Students are graded individually on their sections of the research paper. However, there is one section of the rubric for a team mark, which are points awarded for how well the paper came together as a whole. For this part of the individual grade, students in a team should share the same number of points for the cohesiveness of the paper.
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Preview: fuels, xx generally xxxxxxxxxx a clean xxxxxx of energy, xxx is xxxxxxxxx xx certain xxxxx ” http://serc xxxxxxxx edu/research_education/yellowstone/geothermal html xxx History xx xxxxxxxxxx EnergyGeothermal xxxxxx has been xxxxxx for thousands xx years xxx xx not xxxxxxx a new xxxxxx of energy xxxxxxxx Rather, xx xx newly xxxxx explored in xxxxxx that will xxxxx the xxxxx xx come xx rely on xxx sources of xxxxxx creation xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx is xxxxxxx to be xxx energy of xxx future xxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxx processes within xxx earth that xxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxx xxxx The xxxxxxxxxx heat can xx used for xxxx purposes, xxx xxxxx it xx a source xx energy creation xxxx probably xx xxx most xxxxxxxxxxx future use xx geothermal energy xxx before xx xxxxxxx the xxxxxx of the xxxxxx we must xxxxx explore xxxxx xx came xxxx and why xx need it xxxxx are xxxxx xxxxx of xxxxxx sources with xxxxxx fuels being xxx resource xxxx xx currently xx the most xxxxxx of depletion xxxxx is xxxx xxxxxxx power xxx the newest xxxxxxxxxxxxx of energy xxxxxxxxxxx geothermal xxxxxx xxx world xxxxxxxxx relies heavily xx fossil fuels xxx energy xxx xxxxxx resources xxx rapidly depleting xxx crude oil xx projected xx xxxxx peak xxxxxxxxxx around the xxxx 2020 with xxxxxxxxxxxx depleted xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx by xxx end of xxx 21st century xxxxx & xxxxxxx xxxxxxx is xxx this reason xxxx there is xxxx an xxxxxxxxxx xx gearing xxxxxxxx and future xxxxxxx towards cleaner, xxxxxx and xxxx xxxxxxxx energy xxxxxxxxx If oil xxxxxxxxxx is predicted xx fall xx xxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxx fossil fuel xxxxxxxxx are so xxxxxxx depleting, xx xx necessary xx being exploring xxxxxxxxxxx energy sources xxxxxxxxxx energy xxxx xxxx description xxx is also xxxxxxxxxx a renewable xxxxxx resource xxxxx xx the xxxx that the xxxxxxxx can be xxxxxxxxxxx to xxxxxx xxx life xxxx But what xxxxxxx is geothermal xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is xxx xxxx generated xx natural processes xxxxxx the earth xxxx thisheat xxxxx xxxxxx with x chief energy xxxxxxxx like hot xxx rock, xxxxx xxxxxxx rock), xxxxxxxxxxxx (water/steam from xxxxxxx and fissures), xxx geopressure xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx with xxxxxxx under tremendous xxxxxxxx at great xxxxxxxx it xxx xx recovered xx geothermal energy xxxx (Acar & xxxxxxx 2009) xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx can xx traced as xxx back as xxxxxx - xxxxxx xx in xxxxxx The people xxxx geothermal energy xx produce xxxxx xxxx as xxxxxx pots, and xxxxx household items xxx heat xxx xxxxx from xxx water and xxxxx were used xx create xxx xxxx the xxxxxxx and to xxx them At xxxx time, xxx xxxxxxxx were xxxx using geothermal xxxxxx to bathe xxx cook xxxx xx the xxxxxxxx back record xx be found xx the xxxxxxxxxx xx geothermal xxxxxx Native Americans xx North America xxxx known xx xxx geothermal xxxxxx as a xxxxxxxx around 8,000 xx as xxxx xxxx hot xxxxxxx to heal, xxxxxx and as x heat xxxxxxxx xxxxxx 2,000 xx the use xx geothermal energy xxxx moved xxxx xxxxx parts xx the world xxx Chinese and xxxxxx began xx xx daily xxxxxxxxx tasks using xxxxxxxxxx energy such xx bathing, xxxxxxxx xxx cleaning xxxx activities that xxxx advantage of xxxxxxxxxx energy xx xxxx the xxxxx Since the xxxxx came out xx the xxxxx xx a xxxxx that it xxx already very xxxx it xxx xxxx easier xxx people to xxxxxxxxxxx use because xxxx didn't xxxx xx make xxx effort to xxxx the water xx Although xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx was x new resource, xx was not xxx refined xxxxxx xxx widespread xxx until the xxxx 1700s and xxxxx 1800s xx xxxxx right xx the midst xx the Industrial xxxxxxxxxxx a xxxxxxx xxxxx in xxxxxxx was opened xxx it was xxx first xxxxx xxxxxxx plant xx history This xxx a really xxx deal xxxxxxx xxxxx power xxx relatively new xxx certainly had xxxxx been xxxxxxxxx xx controlled xxxxxx to power xx entire plant xx the xxxx xxxxx 1800s, xxx spring resorts xxxxxxx opening and xxxx quickly xxxxxx xxxx popular xxx were quite xxxxxxxxxx in the xxxxxx States xx xxxxx Hot xxxxxxxx Arkansas is xxx location of xxx first xxxxxxxx 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xxxxxxxxxxx heat xxxx xxx also xxxxxxxxx by an xxxxxxxx in Portland, xxxxxx In xxxx xxxxxxx Gas xxx Electric opened x geothermal electricity-generating xxxxx that xx xxxxxxx at xxx Geysers in xxx Francisco, California xxxx is xxx xxxxx geothermal xxxxxxxx power plant xx the United xxxxxx and xx xxx in xxxxxxxxx for over xx years (http://www1 xxxx energy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx Over xxx next decade xxxxx were a xxxxxx other xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx formed xxx who had xxxxxx attention on xxxxxxxxxx energy xxxxxxxxx xxx the xxxxxx they have xx the lives xx people xx xxxx the xxxxxxxxxx Energy Association xxx formed and xx allowed xxx xxxxxx States xx try to xxxxxxx more resources xxxxx on xxx xxx information xxxx were continuously xxxxxxxx Just a xxx years xxxxx xxx U x Department of xxxxxx was formed xxx is xxxxx x major xxxxxxx and organization xx this day xxxxx motto xxx xxxxxx mission xx the Energy xxxxxxxxxx is to xxxxxx America’s xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx by xxxxxxxxxx its energy, 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good thing xxxxxxx there are x lot xx xxxxxx who xxxx not know xxxx to do xxxx we xxxx xxxxxxxx our xxxxxxxx of fossil xxxxx Geothermal energy xxxxxxxxx are xx xxxxxxxxx way xx create electricity xx a way xxxx is xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx and xxxx This gives xxxx good reasons xx pursue xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx into xxx world of xxxxxxxxxx energy Source: xxxxx & xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx energy xxx had a xxxx journey from xxx beginnings xx xxxxxxxxx thousands xx years ago xx is considered xx be x xxxxxxx and xxxxx source of xxxxxx generation and xx could xx xxxxxx it xxxxxxx fossil fuels xx the not xxx distant xxxxxx xxxxxxx of xxxx it is xxxxxxxxx that we xxxxxxxxxx what xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx is, xxx history of xxx and what xx can xxxxxx xx to xx for us xx the future xxxxxxxxxx Generating xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx of electricity xx evolving and xxxxxxxxxx energy xx xxxxxxx to xx a new xxxxxxxxxx for it xxxx research xxx xxxxxxx to xx to realize xxx much I xxxx electricity xxx xxxxxxx and x cannot imagine xxxx life without xx would xx xxxx Electricity xxxxxxxx almost every xxxxxx of living xxxx the xxxxxx xx wake xx each morning xx have seen xxx old xxxxxx xxx heard xxx stories
LAS_432_Geothermal_Energy_Research_Outline.docx (23.33 KB)
Preview: planSource: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx enginesGoogleBingYahooCompletion xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx reviewJuly 22nd xxxxx research paperAugust xxxx Final xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx Peer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2nd Introduction xxxx is Geothermal xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx awareness xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Energy xxxxxxx Geothermal energy xxxxxxxxxxx Timeline of xxxxxxxxxx history xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx
LAS_432_GeoThermal_Energy_Presentation.pptx (5244.5 KB)
Preview: 2012Master’s xxxxxx to xxxxxx starting in xxxxxxx 2013Beverly MillerBusiness xxxxxxxxxx Degree xxxx x concentration xx Human Resource xxxxxxxxxx Projected completion xxxx December xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx to xxxxxx starting in xxxxxxx 2013 Christine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Degree xx xxx Graphic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Degree in xxxxxxxxx Management – xxxxxxx DevelopmentProjected xxxxxxxxxx xxxx October xxxxxxxx to continue xxxxxxxxx Web Design xxxxx Development xxxxx xxxx current xxxxxx as Web xxxxxxx Manager IntroductionWhat xx Geothermal xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx around xxxxxxxxxx Energy Geothermal xxxxxx Development(Acar & xxxxxxx 2009)Current xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx geothermal xxxxxxx Timeline
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