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Homework 31. Write a program to clear Register B, and then add the number three to B seven times. Use the BNE instruction with DECA.2. Write a program to clear Register A, add five to Register A 10 times, and place the result in RAM Location $2000. Use a RAM location for holding the counter.3. What is the size of each instruction?I. LDAA     #50II. BEQ      thereIII. STAA    $2000IV. DECBV. LDAB     0, X4. Write the sequence of instructions to save Registers A, Y, and X in the Stack with the given order. Write the sequence of instructions to retrieve those values back.Saving A, Y, and X in Stack: 1 __________ 2 __________ 3 __________  Retrieving values back: 1 __________ 2 __________ 3 __________5. Show code for a nested loop to perform an action 1,000 times.


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ECET 330 Homework / Lab

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Due on: 05/24/2015
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Complete the attached documents. For the lab, use the instructions as guidelines, then use coversheet for answers.

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ECET 330 Homework / Lab

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Preview: at xxx second xxxxxxxxx where the xxxxx becomes set xxxxxxxxx the xxxxx xxxx to xxxx that it xx set IV x C xxxx xxx paste xxx register window xx show the xxxxx result xx x A xxxx and paste xxx source code xxxx Entry, xxxxxxxx x export xxxxxxx symbol ABSENTRY xxxxx ; for xxxxxxxx assembly: xxxx xxxx as xxxxxxxxxxx entry pointRAMStart xxx $2000RAMEnd EQU xxxxxxxxxxxxx EQU xxxxx xxx RAMStartList1 xx B $6, xxxx $4, $0F, xxxxxxxx DC x xxx $5, xx Sum1 DS x 1Sum2 DS x 1 xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LDS xxxxxx LDX #List1 xxxx #$5 JSR xxxxxx STAA xxxx xxxx LDX xxxxxx.....
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Preview: $2000result            xx 1counter         DS xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ORG          $8000                    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx STAB         counterBACK:          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx counter                    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx STAA         result 3 xxxx is the xxxx of each xxxxxxxxxxxxx LDAA     xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx thereIII xxxxxxxxxx $2000IV DECBV xxxxxxxxxxxx 0, XI xxxx = x xxxxxxx size x 2.....
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