You are at the local health center, distributing information

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Creating And Facilitating A Learning Environment

Read the scenario.

You are at the local health center, distributing information about the community efforts to promote an active walking plan. The center is crowded, and several clients are requesting information.
You are providing written instructions and a brochure to a client. This client has requested information about participating in a community program that is directed toward improving physical activity by promoting a family walking program. At the end of the walking program, the family that has achieved the most steps in the walking program will receive a year's membership to a local fitness center. Several of the participants are asking questions.
You notice that the client has not read the brochure or instructions. When you ask if the client's family would participate in the free fitness center membership if they win, the client responds with a question. "A free family membership at the fitness center is the prize?" You appraise the situation and realize that the client might not be able to read the brochure.

Step 2 Post a response to the discussion board 
Answer the following questions in your initial response:

  • Describe two techniques used in your practice that you would use with the client to facilitate learning.
  • Describe the steps you would take in creating a supportive learning environment or sharing information to support this client.
  • Describe how you would informally assess the reading level of this client.
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