Do healthy primigravid women who receive free gym

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Research Question In Midwifery

Writing a Research Question Exercise
Instructions:  Review the resources on writing research questions in the PICO format, and answer the following questions.
Identify the “PICO” elements in the following research questions:

1. Do healthy primigravid women who receive free gym memberships during pregnancy gain less weight during the pregnancy than women who receive regular prenatal care?

2. Do overweight women with pre-pregnancy hypertension experience a different risk of stillbirth
than women who are normotensive before pregnancy?

Write a research question incorporating the following “PICO” elements:
3. P: preterm infants experiencing narcotics withdrawal
I:  baby-wearing
C: normal care
O: jitteriness and hyperreflexia
Research Question:

4.  P: sexually-active teenagers who smoke
I:  new oral contraceptive pill “Z”
C: old contraceptive pill “X”

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