What is the nurse's responsibility with a perspective organ

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MY NUMBER ASSIGNED WAS 1 WHICH IS:  **What is the nurse's responsibility with a perspective organ donation?  What are some absolute contraindications for donation, and what is the difference between organ and tissue donation?

Each student will be assigned a number randomly.  Whatever your number is, select the corresponding topic below, then post a minimum of 5 bullet points about the topic.  

Your bullet points should address key components of the topic, such as what, how, who, & why.  This information should not be basic things you learned in Med/Surg, but rather advanced critical care based.  

Think about this as a group effort to create a study guide. Use ONLY your textbook, but do not cut & paste from the book.  

Then create, find, or borrow a test style question about your topic & post at the bottom of your bullet points. The format needs to be multiple choice or select all that apply. Think NCLEX style.  


Part 2:

Interview:You will take a few minutes and ask 2 people about their personal coping mechanisms for dealing with the stress of working in healthcare during this unique time of Covid. Stress can be physical, emotional, spiritual, or any combination of triggers. Ask a diverse variety of people, don’t forget those in other departments at different points of hierarchy. For example, ask your unit manager, environmental services, volunteers, patients, fellow nurses, etc. Write 2-3 paragraphs on your findings and impressions while respecting the person’s identity.

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