Week 5 - Financial Support For The Older Population Brochure

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Wk 5 - Financial Support For The Older Population Brochure


According to Novak (2018), federal funding for older adults has more than doubled since the 1960s. Increases in the number of older people and the number and types of services or programs for older people account for these costs. These programs and services form a social safety net that ensures a minimum standard of health care and income for older people.

Create a 825 word brochure that describes the various sources of retirement income for older people, including government and personal sources of income.

Your brochure should include:

  • Various sources of income for the older population in the United States
  • Expenditures related to aging that are paid under these sources of income
  • Economic effect on family members caring for older adults
  • Economic effect of an aging population on society
  • Government reform actions to create more cost-effective programs for aging adults

Include at least 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar sources to support your findings.

Format your sources according to APA guidelines. This includes an introduction, conclusion and reference page.

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