Ethics And Cyber Security

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Ethics And Cyber Security

Instructions: Provide appropriate responses in essay form minimum 250 words answer for each question. In most cases the topic area has several components. Each must be addressed to properly satisfy requirements.

State-wide and in most professional industries, there has been a mandate that college students be more proficient in their writing. While this is not a writing class, all writing assignments will be graded for grammar, syntax and typographical correctness to help address this mandate.

Pay attention to what you are being asked to do (see Grading Rubric below). For example, to describe does not mean to list, but to talk about or illustrate in more than two or three sentences, providing appropriate arguments for your responses  using theories discussed in our text .   Be sure to address all parts of the topic question as most have multiple parts.   A verifiable current event  (less than 4 years old) relevant to at least one of the topics you respond to is a fundamental component of your quiz as well.  You cannot use information from the textbook or any book/article by the author of the textbook as a current event.  Make sure that your reference has a date of publication.  For each chapter quiz and final quiz, you are required to find and include at least one reference and reference citation to a current event less than 4 years old (a reference with no date (n.d.) is not acceptable) in answer to at least one question.  This requires a reference citation in the text of your answer and a reference at the end of the question to which the reference applies.  You must include some information obtained from the reference in your answer.  The references must be found on the internet and you must include a URL in your reference so that the reference can be verified. 




1. Define and describe in your words the key technological developments of each of the four phases in the evolution of cybertechnology.  Please elaborate (beyond a yes or no answer) and provide your “theoretical” rationale in support of your responses  (knowledge)

2. Identify a current ethical issue involving the use of a recent or emerging technology.  Apply the three-step process in the “comprehensive framework” (or strategy for Approaching Moral Issues in Cybertechnology) that was described in Section 1.6.   Please elaborate (beyond a yes or no answer) and provide your “theoretical” rationale in support of your responses  (knowledge)


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