Week 3 - Victimization Theory in Criminal Justice Practice

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Week 3: Victimization Theory in Criminal Justice Practice

Theory provides a way to consider aspects of the world from a system of ordered thinking and existing knowledge. In the social sciences, there are many theories that attempt to explain the development of human behavior and possible explanations for that behavior within a given society.

Because the field of criminal justice can seem extremely applied—that is, informed by the day-to-day challenges and experience in the real world—theory may not seem to have a place. However, consider the ways in which understanding the “why” may help you make a better choice and achieve an effective balance between citizen rights and public safety. The application of theory can help you find solutions for ineffective processes, make recommendations to citizens, and create programs or policy that helps victims. This week, you examine some common theories that are applicable in the area of victimology.

Learning Objectives

Analyze the role of theory in victimization

Apply victimization theory to minimize victimization opportunities

Apply victimization theory to a criminal justice process or practice change


Discussion: The Purpose of Theory

Just as criminological theory is intended to provide explanations for what causes crime and thereby prevent it, victimization theory aims to better understand the factors that create conditions where victimization is present or even common. For example, how can criminal justice professionals explain crime statistics that show one is more likely to be a victim in certain areas or at a greater risk when surrounded by certain types of activity? Knowing these things, what action could a criminal justice professional take? In this Discussion, you reflect on similar questions.

To prepare:

Choose one of the following theories to address. (Your instructor may choose to assign you and your colleagues to certain theories to ensure a range of topics.)

Routine activity

Deviant place


Victim participation

Post a response to the following:

Which victimization theory best explains the primary reason for victimization in the city, state, or nation in which you live? Why?

How can you apply concepts from this theory to protect yourself from being victimized?

How can law enforcement application of these theories assist with the decrease of violent victimization?

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