training and development

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Question 1

  1. The "quid pro quo" type of sexual harassment involves

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Question 2

  1. ________ are qualities of the manager as a person.

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Question 3

  1. For a market leader the technology tends to be _____and the design _____.

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Question 4

  1. Action Learning is

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Question 5

  1. An important decisional role for a manager is:

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Question 6

  1. Which of the following statements is true?

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Question 7

  1. To understand a manager's development needs, you must first understand _____.

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Question 8

  1. A _____ style is characterized by friendliness, empathy, and concern for meeting employees' needs.

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Question 9

  1. Onboarding is a term that means

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Question 10

  1. The SBI case at the beginning of Chapter 10 where the women were treated so differently than the men, took place in

Explain both technical knowledge and skills, and interpersonal knowledge and skills.

Describe the cost benefit evaluation and cost effectiveness evaluation methods of evaluating whether training was “worth i

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