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use the following to help:

Imagine that you are the new media manager for an emerging market that World Rugby is approaching.

Create a presentation to propose what you would do to
use new media to market World Rugby to the local market.
In your presentation, be sure to include the following critical elements:
? Evaluate the current status of new media approach in this emerging market. What types of rugby programs and events do they carry to the local
market? What are the strengths of current media approach? What is missing or lacking?
? Analyze the local new media infrastructure and usage preference. (Note: You need to consider the broadband capacity if you want to provide
live-stream video. Also, you need to consider the local regulations. For example, does Chinese government allow Facebook usage? If not, do they have
their own local social media sites?)
? Describe your new media ideas to enhance World Rugby’s exposure to the local market. Remember to identify clear goals (e.g., increase video
stream membership, generate awareness of World Rugby stars, etc.) of each approach


1) After reviewing the Guidelines and grading rubric, an emerging COUNTRY  is more feasible to analyze. The region (e.g., Southeast Asia) has  several countries. Each country has its own culture. For example, rugby  is popular among the Commonwealth countries. Therefore, the Commonwealth  member states in Southeast Asia have a rugby culture (e.g., Malaysia,  Singapore, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong-former Commonwealth state). However,  Indonesia and Thailand are NOT part of the Commonwealth. Therefore, they  have a very limited rugby culture. 

2) As for the regulations for new media, each country has its own  preferences, policies, social media network, TV network, etc. For  example, WhatsApp (chat software) is very popular in Singapore  and Malaysia. But LINE (chatting software) is popular in Japan and  Taiwan. LINE, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and several popular American  social media are blocked in China.

3) In addition, the TV network in each country is different. The  new media needs to engage with the traditional media (e.g., TV) to  create more marketing initiatives and views. Of course, live streaming is getting popular because the broadcasting infrastructure is better now.

4) Again, please analyze it as an emerging COUNTRY, not a region, not a whole world. 

--An emerging COUNTRY

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