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  1. First, review the section in the Week 1 Lesson titled "Understanding Audience and Planning Your Narrative." Pay close attention to the short period of time you should identify: a few minutes to a few hours at most. Then, review your options for topics for your narrative essay:
    • Do you remember a recent and powerful one-on-one moment with your mother, father, sibling, child, significant other, or close friend that impacted you profoundly?
    • Did you have any special, powerful moments during the COVID-19 pandemic?
    • Are there any unique moments you have shared with an animal (your pet or another animal) recently?
  2. Then, list three moments in time in your life, each of which took place in just a few minutes to a few hours at most, that could be developed into a narrative essay. Choose moments that reveal who you are to your reader and that take place over a very, very short time span that can be examined richly (see the following examples). After each possible topic, provide some vivid, concrete, descriptive words and some feelings/meanings related to the moment in time. Your possible topics may all relate to one of the narrative essay topic options, or they may each relate to different topic options.
  3. Next, in one full paragraph of 5-7 sentences, discuss which one of the above topics you would likely choose right now and why, addressing the role of audience in your choice.
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