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HP609 Health Policy, Politics, and Perspectives

Week 2 Discussion

The Politics of Health Reform

Initial Post

Watch this week's videos and read the assignments in preparation for this discussion. You are encouraged to seek sources beyond the Learning Materials in Week 2 in this assignment.

While Republicans have not been unsuccessful so far in repealing the ACA, they have taken other steps to undermine it and have strongly opposed various Medicare for All proposals pending before Congress.

Democrats have proposed improvements in the ACA, and some have proposed the adoption of a "public" health insurance plan or adoption of a Medicare for All plan.

Using 500 to 750 words, write an initial post that describes the political alliances and positions by party and in the industry. In your analysis, include the financial arguments and the political/ideological arguments about the role of government versus the private sector changes that are intended to increase coverage. What do you think is the best way to improve health care coverage for all Americans? Why?

Cite additional sources beyond the Learning Materials for this week.


Reply to at least two of your classmates. In your reply, include new information related to your peer’s initial post or to the topic. Each reply should be 200 to 400 words. You should cite one to two sources in your reply posts that add new information in response to your classmate’s post.

Please refer to the Grading Rubric for details on how this activity will be graded.

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