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Academics use scholarly writing and scholarly voice to convey information. This type of writing is different than many people are used to. You will need to constantly work on your scholarly writing throughout your graduate studies in order to be prepared for scholarly writing in your profession. Don’t let writing issues get in the way of conveying your content. Because many professors do not point out all writing errors or act as proofreaders now that you are in graduate school (e.g., APA, grammar, paragraph structure), you will need to take responsibility of improving your writing throughout your studies. There are many great resources to help you do this. This assignment introduces you to these resources.

Use your problem statement that you have been developing to complete this assignment. Go to the writing center and look at their resources. Watch the webinar available in Books and Resources on scholarly writing. Read Ch. 4 of the APA manual on scholarly writing techniques. You can also use “Resources for Writers” located in the Academic Success Center (ASC).

For your assignment, include your original problem statement draft (your “before” version). Then, once you’ve completed looking at writing resources or attending a group writing session, rewrite your problem statement and include it in your document as the “after” version.

Next, write a one-page summary of which resources you used and how they were helpful in improving your writing.

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