Public Policy Sentiment - Vision, Mission, and Goals

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Public Policy Sentiment

You have carefully crafted an extensive presentation about the policy you have targeted for analysis. You have supplied your stakeholders with the information they need to make an informed decision. It is important that you provide them with material that they can take with them to review. You decide to prepare a report that compliments your presentation.

To begin, provide an executive summary for the policy you are analyzing.

Write a succinct 525-to-700-word narrative that outlines what you have found to be attached to the policy you are analyzing. Provide the following:

  • Vision, Mission, and Goals statements
  • Money: How was the policy funded?
  • What other social arenas benefited from this allocation?
  • What other social arenas have suffered?
  • Message: How was this policy introduced? How was progress communicated?
  • From whom did they seek advice?
  • Which stakeholders were not involved?
  • Momentum: What conflicts and divisions have risen from the inception of this policy?
  • What areas of civil rights have been affected?
  • Supported?
  • Harmed?

Cite?a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed or similar references to support your assignment. 

Include?an APA-formatted reference page.

Format your executive summary according to APA guidelines.

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