POLI422 Chapter 1&2 - America’s Tradition in Foreign Policy

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Political Science


Writing Assignment/ Test Instructions

1. Read Chapter 1 & 2: America’s Tradition in Foreign Policy & America’s Global Involvement and the Emergence of the Cold War

2. After reading, complete the corresponding essay assignments.

Test Questions:

1. Discuss the factors at the root of American foreign policy of isolationism prior to World War (WW) II.

2. How did the doctrines of George Washington and James Monroe contribute to America's world view and isolationist foreign policy?

3. What is the significance of the National Origins Act of 1924 and what is the takeaway in the context of the border wall building project under the Donald Trump Administration?

4. Discuss the “Monroe Doctrine” and how it was used to prevent foreign intervention but justify U.S. intervention in the Western Hemisphere.



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