Discussion 1 - Elitism v. Pluralism

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American Federal Government

Discussion 1 Elitism v. Pluralism

This discussion aligns with Learning Outcomes 1, 2 and 4.

Politics and government necessitates competition. Such competition can be viewed through the lens of the elite and pluralist theories of government. Describe the elite theory of government. Describe the pluralist theory of government. Which theory, in your opinion, best explains the American political system? Be sure to provide examples to support your line of thought. 


Click on Module 1 Discussion link to access the discussion board for Module 1.Our discussions are a valuable opportunity to have thoughtful conversations regarding a specific topic. You are required to provide a comprehensive initial post with 3-4 well-developed paragraphs that include a topic sentence and at least 3-5 supporting sentences with additional details, explanations, and examples. In addition, you are required to respond substantively to the initial posts of at least two other classmates on two different days. All posts should be reflective and well written, meaning free of errors in grammar, sentence structure, and other mechanics.


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