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Global Health Oct 14

PH690 Research Paper Guidelines

You are a Region or Country Director for the World Health Organization (WHO) or a large global foundation. In 11-13 pages, you will identify a major public health problem afflicting your region/country and propose an innovative solution (a health education intervention or health administration change). The final paper should include following components: 

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1. Opening Statement: The introduction should include the significance of the issue explored. Desribe the impact of the issue on the health of the population.  (5 points)

2. Transition Sentences: Explore the impact of social, behavior and environmental factors on the health of the population. Describe prevalence and incidence rates of the health problem in the community.  (10 points)

3. Purpose Statement: The purpose statement should explore the significance of resolving the issue. Describe measures that can reduce the impact of this issue on the residents? Brifely describe a program that successfully mitigated the problem in your community.  (10 points)

The introduction should be brief, interesting and motivate audience to read the paper further. Use sources from government or intitutional websites to support the introductory paragraph. Some examples are listed below:

United Nations:

World Health Organization:

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II.           Literature Review 

The literature review provides framework for establishing the significance of your research topic (Creswell, 2014). For this research paper, you will select 5 studies from peer-reviewed journals. The literature review should include following components:

1.     Introduction: opening sentence should isolate the research problem. Explain why it is necessary to solve the problem. Include names of databases used to conduct the research. List search terms used to find the research articles.  (5 points)

2.     Review of the literature: all study components should be described in detail –  study purpose, methods -  characteristics of the participants (gender and ethnicity), number of participants, participant recruitment, data collection methods, study design, key findings/results and recommendations.  (50 points)

3.     Analysis of the literature: analyze what you have learned about the research problem through the research summarized in the Review of the Literature. Present similarities and differences in methodologies, findings and recommendations.  (20 points)

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