Personal Finance - Insurance, including all of the types of insurance

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Personal Finance

  1. Insurance, including all of the types of insurance listed below in #1 and all of the insurance factors below in #2.
  2. Investing, including all of the investment factors listed in #3 below.


  1. Types of Insurance to be discussed (make a heading for each of the types of insurance in your discussion)
  • Health
  • Homeowners or renters (whichever applies to you)
  • Life (compare whole life with term life and which do you think is better)
  1. Factors to discuss for each type of insurance:
  • Insurance type
  • Type of loss covered
  • Likelihood that your financial health would be in jeopardy if the insured event occurs (consider the greatest type of event covered by each insurance – for example, your car is totaled). Where could you get a start at identifying values?
  • Likelihood that you and your family may encounter this type of loss.
  • Is this type of insurance required by any aspect of Government, your bank, or other legally binding requirement?
  • Why you should or should not purchase this type of insurance.


  1. Read the Module 2 Case Background information and pay attention to areas relating to the questions below.

(Note - the Investopedia sections that relate to the topics are in parentheses after the questions.)

  1. How would you characterize your risk tolerance? (
  2. Give a brief description of Bonds, Stocks, Mutual funds, and one Alternative Investment (
  3. Briefly explain diversification in the context of an individual's investment portfolio (
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