Market Analysis And How Your Stock Track Shares Affected

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Market Analysis And How Your Stock Track Shares Affected-November 7th To November 11th 2022

At the end of each week from week 1 to week 6 (by Sunday at Midnight CST), you are expected to provide a discussion of why the stock market behaved as it did during the week(Nov 7th to Nov 11th 2022)  and how your StockTrak portfolio performed under these market conditions. For each entry, you can write it like a two-part (paragraph) blog post: part one why the stock market behaved as it did during the week; and part two how your portfolio performed under these market conditions. 

Stoc Trak: Its a play trading tool where you buy stocks funds with Dummy Money.Intially each student will be given 1000000$ and need to trade weekly until the end of the semester.

My Portfolio This week:(Nov 7th to Nov 11th 2022)

Please see attached document for My Portfolio This week.

Example: please see below example how one my classmate written on this assignment(How's the market this week and how it effected his/her portfolio)-Please don't copy paste but take it as reference

Example: Why the Stock Market Behaved as it Did (Nov 7th to Nov 11th 2022) 

The midterm elections this week created a stir for many investors, as it's common for investors to pull out when their party underperformed. However, experts it's difficult attribute any significant ups or downs to elections because it could just be natural. However, the S&P 500 index lost 2.1 percent on Wednesday and the Dow Jones industrial average and Nasdaq also fell as many important races had yet to be called. Later in the week on Friday, the S&P rose and is heading to its best week since June. Reports showing slowed inflation has investors hoping the Federal Reserve would soon slow its tightening campaign. Another interesting influence this week was the new Twitter verification criteria. As any user can now pay for a verification badge, accounts impersonating notable figures, celebrities and firms immediately went on the rise. Notably, a tweet from a fake account claimed insulin was now free. The tweet remained up for several hours and got tens of thousands of likes and retweets. As a result Eli Lilly stock by nearly 4 percent in the last 24 hours. The loss also affected competitors Novo Nordisk and Sanofi.

My holdings paid off this week as two of my worst performers, ASML Holdings and Walgreens shot to the top. ASML Holdings manufacturers semiconductors. Taiwan controls a large part of the semiconductor industry and was also potentially going to be invaded by China, whose economy was viewed as unfavorable. Walgreens stock shot up Friday as Deutsche Bank upgraded the stock to buy from hold. Management has plans to transition to a healthcare services company through a deal with VillageMD and Summit Health-CityMD. The company also announced the closures of multiple pharmacy locations around the country, including one here in Davenport. Amazon once again continues to be my worst performer but I have hope that once the holiday shopping season is here things will improve. 


Nasdaq adds 1.9%, S&P 500 closes nearly 1% higher and notches best week since JuneOn Thursday, the major averages rallied after October inflation data came in better than expected.Sarah Min,Tanaya MacheelCNBCAdvice | Here’s how midterm elections impact your stock portfolioControl of Congress may be in limbo, but don’t let post-election panic drive your investing decisions.Washington Post



Portfolio Return: 6.46%



My stocks Performance:

Mutual Funds:




This week I invested newly in FX( exchanging foreign currencies)EUR/JPY and Invested in Bonds both corporate and treasury bonds. Along with that I bought Tesla stocks when its low this week.Please write few things about recession ,fed rates increase,Mid elections and tesla share dip this week. Tesla shares dropped to their lowest since November 2020 after CEO Elon Musk disclosed the sale of close to $4 billion worth of stock in the electric car company. Keep an eye on your portfolio!


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