Peloton Company Financial statements

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Peloton Company Financial statements from 2019-2022

1. Using the tools provided in this course, thoroughly analyze the financial statements for your chosen company. Pay particular attention to year-over-year growth rates; relative industry benchmarks; managerial judgements and estimates; and differences in accounting methodologies (if any).

2. Based on the topics presented in this course, identify potential red flags that may prompt additional scrutiny from savvy investors or analysts who rely on these statements to forecast future firm performance.

3. Based on your analysis, forecast your chosen firm’s future earnings and discuss the most likely areas where analysts’ forecasts may be mistaken. Predict the direction of your chosen firm’s earnings surprise in the following reporting period.

1. Please note that you will not be evaluated on the basis of whether your prediction actually holds true, but rather on the logical presentation of your prediction based on your own financial statement analysis.

In summary, your video presentation should include the following:

· Brief introduction

· Full financial statement analysis

· Identification of potential red flags

· Forecast future earnings

· Predict direction of future earnings surprise

· Brief conclusion

The team written report should include a detailed summary of your analysis ( maximum 2 pages) and an accompanying spreadsheet (optional), with all calculations clearly marked and identified.

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