Finance Math - Explain the time value of money

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Finance math

Please answer 3 of the 4 question below. Each question should be answered in about 250 words (225-275). 

1. Explain the time value of money. Why is it important?

2. What is the coupon rate? What is the yield to maturity (YTM)? Are they the same?

3. What is required return on an asset? How is it determined?

4. Explain cash flow from assets (CFFA). Why it is important?

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Assume the reader knows nothing about the topic and it is your job to teach the concept. Be creative.  Use examples. You should not copy and cite a definition, instead try to explain it in your own words - the way you would explain it to a first-year undergraduate student. 

The objective is for you to explain the concept. Thus, I recommend against citations. If you do use citations please adhere to APA format.

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