Metaverse and Digital Forensics - The Sources of Potential Evidence

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Metaverse and Digital Forensics

1. The Sources of Potential Evidence: What kind of sources of potential evidence (e.g., Metaverse specific software, services, and devices) would you expect to find in the Metaverse? How are these sources the same as or different than traditional evidence sources?

2. The Rules of Evidence: The digital evidence must be (a) understandable, (b) admissible, (c) authentic, (d) reliable, and (e) complete. How do the Rules of Evidence apply to digital evidence generated in the Metaverse? Discuss each rules separately in context of the Metaverse and provide details. What possible issues could arise when applying the Rules of Evidence to Metaverse evidence collection

(provide answers that are Metaverse specific for each rule.)

3. Digital forensic investigators will need to track, extract, analyze, investigate, and report crimes that either target users in the Metaverse or use the Metaverse as a tool to commit a crime. What are some of the unique challenges the Metaverse poses for digital forensic investigators? How will these emerging Metaverse technologies shape the way forensic investigators investigate crimes in the Metaverse?

(Think about new and emerging technologies that enable the Metaverse. Do some research and answer the question by providing Metaverse specific examples.)

4. What kind of legal or regulatory compliance issues would forensic investigators face when analyzing a case in the Metaverse? How do the legal and regulatory compliance laws and regulations of the physical locations affect the forensic investigators task of analyzing a case and evidence?

(Think about new and emerging technologies that enable the Metaverse, the virtual nature of the Metaverse and physical locations of the actual servers hosting the Metaverse platforms.)

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