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 Please view the following attachment. It is a homework math quiz of college level algebra. Problems include questions involving function transformations, sketching graphs, describing functions, solving polynomial functions, finding real zeros, and solving functions and inequalities. Please show ALL WORK.

Math 107 Quiz #4: Fall 2020: Name_________________________________

Please show all work. Each problem is worth 7.5 points. Due 11/3/ 2020

Problem 1, 2, and 3 deal with transformations of functions. In these problems, g is related one of the parent functions f. (look at handout on transformations of functions)

(a). Identify the parent function f. (b) Describe the sequence of transformations from f to g. (c). Sketch the graph of g. (d). Use the function notation to write g in terms of f.


g(x) = -|x + 4| + 5



In problems 4 and 5, write an equation for the function described by the given characteristics.

4. The shape of f(x) = , but shifted six units to the left and reflected in both the x-axis and the y-axis.

5. The shape of f(x) = |x|, but stretched horizontally by a factor of 2 and shifted down 5 units.

6. Describe the end behavior of the graph of the polynomial function.

7. Find all of the real zeros of the functions with their multiplicities.

8. Find all of the real zeros of the function with their multiplicities.

 9. Find all of the real zeros of the function with their multiplicities.

10. Determine if a real zero exists between the given numbers a and b.

a = -3, b = -2 Hint: intermediate value theorem

11. Sketch the graph of the given function. When I said sketch, I do not want you to graph it using your calculators. Use the properties of the function.Show all steps.

12. Solve the given equation. Show all steps

13. Solve the given inequality. Show ALL steps.

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