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Step 2: Solve for coefficient a.

a) What equation is used to find the vertex form of a parabola with the vertex (h, k)? (5 points)


b) Solve for the coefficient a in the vertex form for the parabola in Daredevil Danny’s practice jump using key aspects from step 1. As you solve for the coefficient, explain each step of the process in detail. (15 points)

The picture of the question in the attached figure we know that The equation of a vertical parabola in vertex form is given by where a is the leading coefficient (h,k) is the vertex Looking at the graph we have a vertical parabola open downward (coefficient a is negative)The vertex is a maximum The vertex is the point (25.32) substitute in the equation

c) What is the vertex form of the parabola from Daredevil Danny’s practice jump? (5 points)

Step 3: Change from vertex form to standard form.

To get Daredevil Danny through the Flaming Hoop Jump of Awesome, you will need to know the values of a, b, and c, which are the coefficients of the quadratic equation in standard form.

a) What is the equation for a parabola in standard form? (5 points)

b) Convert the vertex form of the equation you wrote above to the standard form. (10 points)

c) What are the values for coefficients a, b, and c in the quadratic equation for Daredevil Danny’s practice jump? (5 points)

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