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Marketing Case Study

SMART Case Study: Potty Gaming, Inc. 


For decades, daytime wetting and passing bowel movements has been a common problem in early childhood. Today, the need for more structured toilet training before the age of 4 years is a routine practice used to prevent children from having difficulty attaining and maintaining bladder control (Rogers, 2013) and bowel movements. Having early toilet training could help train the bladder without the need for surgery or pharmaceutical treatment (Rogers, 2013). About 5-10% of children beyond the age of 4 years continue to have problems with potty training. They are either resistant or difficult to potty train. This problem exists in larger magnitude in children with special needs such as Autism, Downs Syndrome, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Company Background

Potty Gaming, Inc. is a new startup company that was founded in 2022 in Michigan under the mission to make potty training an easy and a fun experience for children with innovation, imagination, and ingenuity. The company uses infrared sensors installed on regular toilets and rewards children in real-time with interactive games whenever they successfully use the bathroom to pass a bowel movement or urinate. The company’s technique encourages children to use the toilet for stooling and urinating without creating a power struggle between the child and the parents.

Problem Statement

Because Potty Gaming, Inc. is new to the market and is introducing a new way to help children and parents with potty training, the company does not yet have a clear method for marketing the product. The company also does not know who else they can market the product to besides parents. Another issue they need to know is what marketing methods they should use.

Case Activity

Potty Gaming, Inc. has hired your team for your marketing expertise to promote their product to potential buyers. Your team’s task is to develop an effective marketing plan that provides a clear strategy for Potty Gaming Inc. to successfully launch and market its product. 

Create a marketing plan for Potty Gaming, Inc. that:

1. Starts with an executive summary

2. States Potty Gaming Inc mission, vision and values

3. Identifies the market and competition

4. Defines your target customer

5. Outlines your marketing goals

6. Presents your marketing strategies

7. Defines your marketing budget


Rogers J (2013) Daytime wetting in children and acquisition of bladder control. Nursing Children and Young People. 25, 6, 26-33. Date of submission: August 8 2012. Date of acceptance: January 3 2013.


Write a market plan in APA 7th format, follow the instruction write the market plan, answer all the 1-7 bullet points. Your essay should be approximately 4-5 pages in length, double-spaced, and make sure you use APA formatting. Cite 4-5 peer review articles as references.

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