journal articleon the nursing profession, public image, and professional

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Part 1

Review this journal article Download this journal articleon the nursing profession, public image, and professional
identity that "discuss[es] the actual public image of nurses and other factors that influence
the development of nurses’ self-concept and professional identity" (p. 295). The article also provides implications and recommendations for nurses. You may want to focus on the introduction, background, and discussion with all subsections under these headings.

The other articleLinks to an external site. is a shorter one. It focuses on how nurses are presented in the media with recommendations on how to improve our image. Please review it.

Respond to the following inquiries using the information obtained from the above articles --

1. Describe how nurses are depicted or portrayed by the media and public. A minimum of 300 words required for this item.

2. Identify three (3) strategies recommended in either articles to improve images/change public perceptions of nurses.  Sources must be cited properly and correctly.


Part 2

Explore the National Students Nurses' Association (NSNA) websiteLinks to an external site. and look for the Image of Nursing Committee. Then, respond to the following inquiries --
         3. What is the NSNA doing to promote the image of nursing? 

        4. What can YOU do to maintain/enhance a positive image of the nurses and the nursing profession?
             Provide two (2) examples with sufficient rationale to support them.

Even though the assignment contains two parts, it is considered one piece of work. A title page is optional.

Body of the Work:

(1) must have a title that is centered on the 1st line of the page (all of your writing must have a title)

(2) is double spaced 

(3) contains at least two (2) source cited both in text and reference.

(4) is paginated if it is more than one page long. Since your reference list is going to be on a new page per APA, your work will contain more than one page. Therefore, insert page numbers.

(5) has a one-inch margin for all 4 sides (top, bottom, left, and right margins).


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