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Assume you have been asked by your nurse supervisor to review cancer statistics for your state and summarize for your department how they could be applied to your local community.

The CDC Wonder program can help public health workers manage trends by organizing data to make it consumable for program planning. 

Explore the CDC Wonder program website to understand what data is available. 

Select "Cancer Statistics" on the CDC Wonder page and then select "National Program of Cancer tries 5-year Relative Survival."

On the map, click on your state. 

Review the "Top 10 Cancer Rates of New Cancer Cases" and "Top 10 Cancers by Rates of Cancer Deaths."

Write a 500-word summary about how you might be able to use this data in your community. Include the following in your summary: 

  • Top 3 types of cancer by rate 
  • Age-adjusted rate  
  • Case count 
  • How you might use this data in your community or public health setting for each of the top 3 types of cancer
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