ITS 835 Enterprise Risk Management

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Enterprise Risk Management (ITS-835) Paper

Considering an organization you are familar with, describe how the same ERM techniques from this week's use case could be used to mitigate risks. If you do not think the same ERM techniques can be used in the organization explain why or create a proposed set of ERM techniques that could help mitigate risks identified. Be sure not to use a use case from a previous lesson.

Be sure to include the following requirements in the paper.

  • Brief description of the organization and proposed risks
  • Rationale if the same ERM models and/or techniques can be used in the organization to mitigate risks identified.
  • If the ERM techniques described from the use case can not be used, explain why and propose ERM techniques that could be used to mitigate risks identified. 

Your paper should be 2-3 pages not including the title and reference pages and written according to APA formatting. Refer to the resources in the course room to  help with APA if needed.  You must include a reference page for this assignment. If the reference is listed in the reference page there must be a citation in the paper.  Failure to include a reference page for the assignment may result for no credit.

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