Integration of is and it into business strategy

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 IT and business strategy alignment is no longer a desire but a requirement for companies to optimize business value from implementing business information systems. In fact, the success of business information system implementation depends on how well the IT department can enable the line of business for the organization. The IT strategy needs to align with the IT department’s business strategy to determine what technology and processes are necessary to support the business initiatives. 

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Identify a company with which you are familiar (one where you currently or previously worked or one about which you would have sufficient information to address this Discussion) and consider how information systems and information technology factor into the organization’s overall business strategy.
  • In addition, search the Walden Library or the web for at least one example of an organization that has successfully integrated IT/IS into its overall business strategy. 


Post your analysis on the effects of IT/IS being aligned to an organization’s business strategy. Specifically, include the following:

  • Analyze your selected organization’s integration of IT/IS from the top down (senior-level leadership down to front-line employees) into its overall business strategy. If your selected organization has a clearly communicated strategy related to IT/IS, please include that in your analysis. Provide examples of this integration as well as examples of any lack of alignment.
  • Describe actual (observed/experienced) or potential consequences of IT not being aligned to an organization’s business strategy. 

Refer to the Week 7 Discussion Rubric for specific grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor will use this grading rubric to assess your work.

Read some of your colleagues’ postings.

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