History Reading Assignment

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Chapter 4

p. 83 1-3

p. 89 Read the article. Answer questions 1-2

p. 91 Study the map and answer the map question.

p. 95 Read the article about Franklin’s testimony to a parliamentary committee and answer questions 1-3.

p. 104 Study this map and answer the question.

p. 105 1-4

Chapter 5

p. 106 1-3

p. 109 Read the article and answer questions 1-2

The Declaration of Independence is on pp. 825 to 827 and is divided into three main parts:

  1. The Five Truths that are Self-Evident
  2. The Indictment of the King (and Parliament)t
  3. The Actual Declaration

Read it over with these things in mind. (We will cover this in a conference class.)

p. 123 Read this article and answer questions 1-3.

p. 132 1, 4, and 5

Chapter 6

p. 133 1-3

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