Rhetoric Analysis Ted Talks Essay( The Power Of Introverts)?

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by using the instructions down and answering the questions in the essay I have answered sone of them that you can use it in the essay 


there is no word once you have answered all the questions in the essay 




  • Provide Context:  Who, what, when, where, speaker’s full name
  • Summary:  Summarize IN YOUR OWN WORDS the purpose of the talk.
  • Thesis:  Your overall impression of the speaker’s tools of rhetoric and effectiveness or ineffectiveness.


  • Analyze audiences:  Who are they?  How is the speaker trying to reach them?  Any potential audiences who were not addressed?  Was this ineffective?  

    The audiences were educated people, specifically introverts and extroverts. 

Susan Cain trying to reach her audience by giving examples from real life stories. 

There were no potential audiences that wasn’t addressed caused even when her topic was about Introverts, she also mentioned the extroverts so it’s reached to all of the audiences. 


  • The introduction:  How did the speaker reel in the audience?  Or did they?  

    Susan Cain opens her ted talk with a sense of humour by great storytelling

about “ROWIDE” camp in her childhood, her opening was effective because it combines humour with a story that it related to by introverts in the audience even though the extroverts of them.

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