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Final Project: PERSONAL LIFE PLAN (40%) DUE 8/13/20

After conducting a review of the literature and required texts, complete a written personalized life plan designed to move you towards more intentional living that is congruent with: the legacy you desire to leave on this earth, and the life in which you believe God will be well pleased.  Start your personalized life plan with an introduction section that provides a biblical argument for the importance of life planning and intentional living.  Then, utilize and adapt any combination of tools and strategies discussed both within the required texts and your own research in order to develop your plan in a way that is especially motivating for you to create and act upon, providing that all methods used can be justified within a biblical framework.  You are only required to integrate at least one activity from each of the required texts into your life plan. Along with developing an individualized life plan, include a section at the end of your paper on ministerial applications.  Within this section, briefly identify and discuss the particular tools and strategies that you can foresee yourself effectively utilizing in your vocational practice, and briefly comment on the ways in which you can see yourself doing so.  Conclude your paper with a bibliography that identifies all of the sources that informed your personal life plan and future applications. meaningful way.  Your papers should be a minimum of 4500 words (15 pages of double-spaced text).

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