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Topic- African American Women and the Civil Rights Movements 

1) Follow the Guidleines for the Historiographical Papers (Under Assignments)

2) Submit a 20 page paper

3) Use 20-25 sources

4) Be sure to use footnotes in the paper. You do not need a biliography

5) Present drafts of your work. 



A historiographical essay is a detailed examination of the development of a particular area of historical inquiry. Unlike a research paper, you are not making findings of fact. Rather in the historiographical essay, you are tracing the development of the literature on a particular subject or topic (area of study) in History.

In the essay, you should provide a detailed overview of the main works on a topic and how the literature has evolved on the topic over time. Pay close attention to different schools of thought and interpretations that appear in different periods (if they exist). Your goal is to summarize and evaluate the arguments in these works.

For the development of a clear and well-structured essay, you need to follow some crucial steps.

Evaluate the Historians’ Viewpoints

In order to evaluate the work of historians, you should consult the database of record for the historical discipline: JSTOR

• Books – Place the book in its proper chronological order and its context.

• Articles- Will provide good, focused discussions of topics or issues of importance

• Book reviews – The best way to find what a book is about and how it is perceived in the field is to read a book review.

• Review Essays – More extended book reviews that provide in-depth treatment of subject matter.

Write Your Historiography

Two of the best ways to present your material in There are several possible ways to organize your historiographical paper:

1. You can report writers in chronological order, monitoring changes over time.

2. You may present the main schools of thought regarding your topic and discuss each one separately.

3. You can present the main topics or areas of inquiry over time.


After deciding on the organizational plan, you can begin writing, Your essay should have a thesis that presents the issue and introduces your sources (please underline your thesis). In the main body of your paper, you should develop the points of agreement or disagreement. You should analyze why different historians have different opinions on the same subject. .Your approach  will depend on what method you have chosen to organize your paper. In a conclusion, briefly summarize the findings and provide an overview of your findings regarding the development of the topic.

Make sure your paper is consistent and well-structured. Revise it carefully to confirm that you’ve presented a cohesive picture of opinions and debate.

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