Tic Tac Toe In Turtle (Python)

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# Write a program that uses the "turtle" module

# to allow two players to play Tic Tac Toe

# RULES:# 1. Players alternate turns

# 2. Players can only place a mark on an empty slot

# 3. Players can win only if

:#      1). They have won horizontally, or

#      2). They have won vertically, or

#      3). They have won diagonally

# 4. Players tie if there are no empty slots and on one has won

# Instructions:

# 1. Use the turtle module to draw the game board and

# the game pieces

# 2. Use two different colors to represent the two players 

# Topics that will be covered in this project:

# 1. How to use the turtle module to draw a square (3x3)

# 2. How to change the default image of a turtle object

# 3. How to use turtle module to write text on the screen

# 4. How to find the coordinates of the turtle (xcor, ycor) 

# import turtle

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