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IncorrectQuestion 1

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Which of the following would be the most helpful comment on a peer review sheet in the section on “balance” in writing?


I did notice that in paragraph 4, while you presented opposing viewpoints (sources and your own logical ideas for opposition), the paragraph was mostly evidence. You refuted your Smith source in one sentence; I would work toward fully addressing every opposing concept fully for argument strength and for balance, so that your voice is the loudest one.



You have sources sometimes that you don’t explain very well; be sure to explain your sources.



Balance: Everything is pretty well balanced. Good work!



It looks like you have about 5% of your paper quoted. That’s a good balance!


When peer reviewing, we want to identify the specific place that works or is in need of revision and note why and how.


Question 2

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Which of the following is the best goal for peer review?


Reading other essays and hoping your draft is the best one in the class



Giving and receiving feedback that improves the quality of essays at a content level



Having someone proofread your essay for grammatical and spelling errors



Receiving praise from your classmates


Our goal should be to truly improve the effectiveness of our argument research essay via suggestions regarding the content of the essay.


IncorrectQuestion 3

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Which of the following is not a good phrase to describe the role of a peer reviewer?


Writing Expert



Equal Classmate



Extra set of eyes



Test reader


We should understand that a peer reviewer is a an equal who gives us an honest reader’s view of our paper. We know the peer reviewer is not an expert, but all a peer reviewer has to be is a reader who understands the concepts and the assignment.


Question 4

2 / 2 pts

Why is peer review important?


It is somewhat important because you can get some of your grammar and APA fixed if you’re lucky enough to land in the “class brainiac’s” group.



It is important because when you know you have peer reviews coming up, you don’t have to worry about grammar and APA; your peer’s role is to fix those items.



It is important because you are in the unique position to be both an extra set of eyes, which is valuable in itself, and of having learned the same concepts and completed the same assignments as your peer.



It is somewhat important but only because it is worth many more points than a normal discussion.


Peer review is important because you are true “peers” who have written drafts based on the same assignment and because you can read your peers’ work (and have yours read) objectively and with weeks of experience driving the review.


Question 5

2 / 2 pts

After your classmate has posted a full peer review of your draft to the discussion board, what should you do?


Thank your reviewer for taking the time to make so many excellent suggestions. Then, move on to looking at your instructor’s feedback because peer review suggestions won’t help you.



Thank your reviewer. Then, read the review, think about the review, and take some time to see how you can best apply the suggestions. Then, if you have questions for reviewer or would like to comment on how the review helped you, continue the conversation by replying again.



Thank your reviewer. Then, read the review, think about the review, and take some time to write up a response to your reviewer expressing your outrage about being told your draft needs work.



Thank your reviewer. Then, read the review, think about the review, and take some time to write up a long email to your instructor about how much you don’t like your classmates commenting on your writing because they aren’t qualified.


Peer review is a tool. You should read, consider, and try out applying your reviewer’s ideas, continuing to discuss respectfully if it helps you. You should not be offended if a peer is suggesting ideas, and you should value the review as important and useful.


Question 6

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When posting a draft of your paper for review, which of the following should you avoid?


Noting the content-related items you feel you need most help with, such as topic sentences or the conclusion



Posting the best draft possible at this time so that your reviews are truly helpful



Noting that you really hope no one has suggestions because you think your draft is already really good



Thanking your reviewers ahead of time and noting that you look forward to their thoughts


You should be gracious and open to improvement, acknowledging that you would like extra eyes on your paper toward maximum effectiveness.


IncorrectQuestion 7

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Which of the following is not true of argument genres?


Your thesis will contain elements of genres, maybe one or more.



They appear only in the main claim of the paper, the thesis statement, but not in the body paragraphs.



Your main supporting points will contain elements of genres, maybe one or more.



They should be studied so we can conduct all of our arguments in the most effective ways.


Our argument essays are full of a number of argument genres in the thesis and in various points. Learning good approaches to them is useful after drafting, so you can check your effectiveness in those places while revising.


Question 8

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Read the following thesis statement and choose which argument genre best describes it: At the heart of the arguments for and against a raise in minimum wage lies the same concern for impact on the economy; therefore, a reasonable compromise should be acceptable for all parties.


Values-based position genre



Problem/solution argument genre



Definition argument genre



Evaluation argument genre


This thesis is best described as values-based because of its premise of a common value, an appeal to both sides’ better natures.


Question 9

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Which of the following topic sentences introduces an evaluation-based argument?


However, “good hygiene” is a relative term, which makes it a difficult concept to rely on without setting specific parameters for its meaning.



In light of such compelling statistics that illuminate a need for more oxygen equipment in small town hospitals, a number of viable approaches might be applied to the problem.



However, getting to an answer to such questions requires a look at the causes that have led to the closure of these clinics.



In fact, one of the key early articles on autism, while largely misinformed and certainly now outdated, does provide flashes of insight that are very helpful today.


When applying the evaluation argument genre, we base our point on examining the qualities of an existing artifact, like an important historic article, or the qualities of an existing program, institution, or organization.


Question 10

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Which of the following is true of argument genres?


They represent patterns of writing that can be applied not just to improving our argument research essays but toward many other types of writing.



They represent patterns of writing that can be applied only to argument research essays in a college course.



The names of some of the argument genres are “warrant,” “claim,” and “rebuttal.”



The names of some of the argument genres are “logos,” “ethos,” and “pathos.”


Argument genres are patterns of development that appear in argument but also in other academic, professional, and real-world writing. The names of some of these patterns are “definition,” “values-based,” “cause and effect,” and “evaluation.”

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