CH 228H Unit 6 Assessment Instructions:

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CH 228H Unit 6 Assessment Instructions:

1. Print out a copy of the Unit 6 Assessment Template. 2. Hand draw/write your answers to each problem on the template. 3. Make sure your answers are legible. 4. If you need additional room for any answer, you may add an additional piece of paper. Please label carefully so that it is obvious which problem is being answered on additional paper. 5. Once you have completed the assessment, scan in the completed template as a pdf file and submit this file to the Unit 6 Assessment submission link on Moodle. You may also take a picture of the template pages and submit these on Moodle instead if you wish. Make sure that if you take pictures, they are clear and the text/drawings are legible. a. If your answers cannot be read, it will be impossible for the assessment to be satisfactory. 6. The assessment problems start on the next page. Resources for the Unit 6 Assessment You may use any of your Course Materials while you are completing the Assessment, and you are encouraged to use your organic reaction reference sheet and your amino acid reference sheet.

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