Define why the extrapolated temperature is used

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1) When a metal at a higher temperature is added to water at a lower temperature. heat is inevitably lost to the container beaker or styrofoam cup. how will this unmeasured heat loss affect the determination of the specific heat of the metal?

2) Explain why the extrapolated temperature is used to determine the maximum temperature of the mixture rather than the highest recorded temperature in the experiment.

3) Three student chemists measured 50 mL of 1.00M NaOH in separate Styrofoam coffee cup calorimeters (Part B). Brett added 50.0 ML of 1.00 M HCL to her NaOH; Dale added 45.5ml of 1.10M HCL (equal moles) to his NaOH solution. Lyndsay added 50.0 ml of 1.00 M HCL to her NaOH solution. Each student recorded the temperature change and calculated the enthalpy of neutralization.

Identify the student who observes a temperature change that will be different from that observed by the other two chemists. explain why and how(high low)temp will be different.


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