Discussion - Planing For Service Delivery

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Discussion: Planing For Service Delivery


Assuming the role of the case manager, consider the following case:

You are a case manager at a state-supported boarding school for the blind where you help clients as they prepare for the transition from boarding school to independent living and work. One of your newest clients is 17-year-old student, Edward. He is classified as legally blind and due to his vision impairment, he is unable to obtain a driver's license. Edward is an only child and at the age of 14 lost both of his parents to an automobile accident. He has no known living relatives. Edward received counseling for his grief and excelled at his studies and social behaviors despite his challenges. While at the boarding school, Edward developed an interest in mathematics and computers. He would like to pursue a degree in computer engineering at a local college. Edward is open to help from you and knows that he needs assistance in applying to college, finding somewhere to live, developing a support network, and securing transportation.

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